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from fans with lot of love^^

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June 9th - the Day, when Uruha-san was born...
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congratulations to Uruha-san

the maintaners of this community are melinora & soneli
if you have some questions, feel free to ask^^

The General & Contact Information:
1. This project is the part of DISORDER - the GazettE Unofficial Site

2. Contacts are: Sonette (mail & msn: luulottelu@hotmail.com), Melinora (mail & msn: melinora@mail.ru)

1. Language of the Project is English (or Japanese...^^).

2. Flood is prohibited. If you're not going to congratulate Reita with birthday, do not post, don't waste yours time and ours either.

3. You may use in congratulation post:

- text

- images (pictures are posted here, if they are not larger than 350 x 450 px. If they are, post a smaller variant with the link to original image; copyright signatures are allowed)

- animation (the same requirement)

- video (only by means of YouTube; it can't last more than 1 min 30 sec)

4. You may not use:

- yaoi content

- your own photos/videos or photos/videos of other people

- content with your personal details and contact information

5. Disable comments.

6. You are allowed to make as lots of content as you want. But put it up in one post or edit the existing one.

7. Try to avoid fangirling.

Attention: Rule-breakers are warned. If they do not edit the post, they are deleted from member list.


Administration of the Project

# И все то же самое вкратце для особо одаренных русских детей))))

- Не флудить!!!
- Отключать комментарии в своих постах!!!
- Писать строго по теме, о том, какие мы молодцы и замечательые, вы можете сказать нам лично)

- Никакого яоя - оставьте его для соответствующих сайтов
- Картинки, если они большие, вставляйте с превью
- НИКАКИХ фотографий себя, контактов себя и всего, что с собой связано. И фоток, где Уруха целует Аоя вот тоже не надо)))

Ну и... приведи друга - получи спасибо и виртуальную конфету от организаторов, ага ^__~

Social capital

  • less than 10